My Investments (My Cash FIREhoses)

My Cash FIREhoses
I have five main Cash FIREhoses (sources of passive income): Brokerage account with a dividend portfolio Mutual fund portfolio Online high-yield savings account Hard Money real estate loans 3 home rental portfolio. Here is a breakdown of each account, with holdings and totals for each account: Investments (these are my Cash FIREhoses) Account Balance/Equity  Dividend/Interest Estimated Earned in 2017 (dollars flowing from my Cash FIREhoses) Rate of Return (cash flow)** Dividend portfolio $347,525.87 $8,140 2.44% Mutual fund portfolio $726,225.61 $15,100 2.18% High Yield Online Savings Account $130,818.10 $818 1.25% Hard Money Real Estate Loans $114,081.86 $4,100 6.6% Rental Homes (3 so far, leveraged with 25 percent downpayments) $91,250 $50 (just started this project in December 2017) -0- Totals $1,409,901.44 $28,208 2.00%   Many financial professionals will tell you that you…
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